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Restorer Using Scalpel

My Profile

Acrylic portrait artist based in Temiskaming Shores, Shannon Davies, has been progressing her skills in art since she was a child.

At a young age she often found herself with a piece of paper and pencils in hand staying up into the late hours of the night doing portraits of animals and people. Throughout her years in school, art classes would often be the subject she would excel within. With time, this obsession developed into a passion for acrylic painting with her main inspiration being her two young children. Self-taught, she would spend several hours on paintings often for friends and family late into the night once her two young children had gone to bed. She was quickly drawn to the sentimental value behind the paintings which now continue to inspire her to create customized portraits for her clients.

The several hours that go into each painting often mean the world to each individual client in different ways. Separate photos can be combined together in a natural way to commemorate lost loved ones and bring them together in a painting with those they never had the opportunity to see age. Black and white/sepia photos can be made into colour. A new background can make a once flawed photo into a work of art with a feeling of life to be displayed proudly. With each painting comes a new challenge she often views as a puzzle, piecing it together to visualize what the client has in mind and working together to recreate the image.

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